Minister Mustafa had a virtual meeting with the EU’s representatives, the German Embassy and GIZ.


Besian Mustafa, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, today held a video conference with Luigi Brusa, Head of European Union Cooperation Section in Kosovo, Anja Becky, Head of the Department of Development Cooperation in the German Embassy, and David Oberhuber, Director of GIZ in Kosovo, where they discussed about the objectives and priorities of MAFRD.

Minister Mustafa made also discussions about the resumption of the accreditation process of the Agency of Agriculture Development, though a joint tripartite project, to increase transparency in the allocation and management of grants and subsidies funded by the Kosovo budget or donors, emphasizing that “our common purpose is to manage our budget transparently and to ensure that real farmers are working to increase their productivity and yield. 

Minister Mustafa expressed thankfulness to them for their continued support in the agriculture sector and confirmed his willingness to further deepen this cooperation.  

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