Administrative Instructions

ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 12/2008 On testing of the value of cultivation and using VCU Of the potatoes varieties 28.12.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 11/2008 On Recognition and Acceptance of White Cereals Cultivars 28.11.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.8/2008 ON CONTENT, COMPILATION WAY AND MANAGEMENT PLANS APPROVAL PROCEDURE BY HUNTING AREAS28.10.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.13/2008 On recognition and acceptance of maize hybrids 28.10.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.10/2008 ON TROPHIES OF WILD LIFE28.10.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.9/2008 On the Licence on the Activities of Aquaculture28.09.2008 ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 07/2008 On Combating and eradication of Brucelosis at ovine, caprine and porcine animals28.07.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 06/2008 For prevention, control, combating and eradication of Anthrax disease 28.06.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 04/2008 ON THE CULTIVATION AND UTILISATION OF NON WOOD FORESTRY PRODUCTS 28.04.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 03/2008 ON THE DETERMINATION OF CRITERIONS AND PROCEDURES OF GIVEN OF LICENSES FOR THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF WORKS IN FORESTS AND FORESTS LANDS 28.03.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.5/2008 On snail breeding adn their productions floatation11.03.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 02/ 2008 USE OF THE WEAPON AND SUITABLE MUNITION FOR HUNTING 28.02.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 29/2008 For prevention, control, combat and eradication of Babesiosis disease at cattle, sheep, goats and dogs 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.17/2008 For determination of the egg quality 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.27/2008 For Inspection and monitoring of Iinfections Bovine Rhinotraheitis (IBR)- and Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 22/2008 On permission of the placement in the market, use of active substances and registration of products commercial name for plants protection that contain active permitted substances for usage 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 31/2008 On registration and licensing of matrix orchards for rootstock and graft wood for fruits and grape - vine28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.19/2008 For the Amendment Competitions of the Administrative Instruction MA-No. 26/2005 About the Measures on Monitoring of Certain Substances and their Residues in Live Animals and Products of Animal Origine 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION No. 26/2008 On the field inspections of white cereals28.01.2008 ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION N0.15/2008 For prevention, combating, and eradication of contagious bee disease 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.21/2008 For definition of the procedures for recipiency of testing samples 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 30/2008 For Veterinary pharmacovigilance 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.18/2008 For veterinary health conditions of the operators for breeding, production and placing in to the market of fish, noma and other products 28.01.2008 ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 01/ 2008 ON HUNTING GUARDS SERVICE 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 24/2008 On internal and external registers of the production companies, grape, wine and other production by grape and wine 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 14/2008 On the classification of planting material 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 32/2008 For prevention, control, combat and eradication of Salmonelosis disease at poultry 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO. 20/2008 On creation register of the producers, importers, exporters, deponents and distributors of plants, plants products and other pallets in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development 28.01.2008ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION NO.27/2008 For Inspection and monitoring of Iinfections Bovine Rhinotraheitis (IBR)- and Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD)27.01.2008
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