Administrative Instructions

ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO. 12/07 FOR FEDERATION OF KOSOVO HUNTERS 28.12.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO. 11/2007 CONCERNING THE HUNTING SEASON 28.11.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO. 10/2007 CONCERNING THE CRITERIONS ON SETTING AREAS AND PROCEDURES FOR ESTABLISHING OF HUNTING PLACE 28.10.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO.08/2007 For defining the leve of the fees for Export and Re-export 28.08.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 07/ 2007 For content, form and record procedures on quantity, type and variety of planting material produced, marketed and destructed 28.07.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 09/2007 ON USE OF PASTURES 28.06.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 06/2007 On Pricing Fees of Phytosanitary Control Services 28.06.2007ADMINISTRATIV INSTRUCTION MA - NO. 05/2007 ON DEFINITION OF THE LIVE STOCK MARKETS CONDITIONS28.05.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 04/2007 For the amendment of the Administrative Instruction MA NO. 14/2004 On the registration, licensing and fixing of the fee for importers, exporters and traders of planting material 28.04.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 03/2007 For the amendment of the Administrative Instruction MA NO. 12/2004 On the registration of the producers of planting material 28.03.2007Udhëzimi Administrativ MA-NR.09/2007 të dt. 30.03.2007 për shfrytëzimin e kullotave28.03.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 02/2007 For the amendment completion of the Administrative Instruction MA Nr .07/2005 dated 31 03.2005 on defining conditions for licensing of Business operators who carry out wholesaling and retailing activity of im28.02.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 18/2007 On Professional Veterinary activities of the Kosovo Veterinary Order 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 25/2007 On amending of Administrative Instruction MA-NO. 18/2005 on 06.07.2005 of Veterinary control of import, Transit Food and Non food Products of Animal Origin, Live Animals, and Animal Breeding Material 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 15/2007 For the Amendment and Completion of the Administrative Instruction MA No. 25/2005 For selling of forests trunks and woods assortments 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 22/ 2007 ON PROTECTION OF FORESTS FIRES 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 20/ 2007 On the Determining of criterions for the official control of quality, package, labelling, marketing and other necessary controls of the planting material 28.01.2007 ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 29/2007 On assessment form and content of data to the phytocertificate for export, re export and phytocertificate on the internal movement of plants, plant productions and other facilities 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO.24/2007 ON THE SPORTIVE-RECREATIVE FISHING MEANS AND EQUIPPMENTS ON THE SPORTIVE - RECREATIVE28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 17/2007 On forming and function of regulative services and advisory board for the artificial fertilizers28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO 14/2007 Registration of production for the designation of reproduction animal genetically value 28.01.2007 APPENDIXE FOREST FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA NO. 19/2007 On the permission of import, placement in the market and usage of authorized Pesticides 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 26/2007 On Combating and eradication of Tuberculosis Brucelosis and Leukosis disease in cattle 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA - NO. 23/2007 HUNTING CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAM28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 16/2007 For the Amendment and Completion of the Administrative Instruction MA No. 12/2005 For the setting of Taxes Prices for the utilization of Forests and Non Forests Products and for the Technical Pro28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 21/2007 Concerning the function, competencies, and responsibilities of the Kosovo Veterinary and Food Laboratory 28.01.2007ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION MA-NO. 13/2007 For licensing of the business operators carrying out activity of collection, Storage and marketing of hides of live animals origin 13.01.2007
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